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Tommee tippee

Tommee tippee Fun x2

Tommee tippee Fun x2

Tommee tippee Fun x2

Tommee tippee Fun x2

Tommee tippee Fun x2

Tommee tippee Fun x2

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  • Tommee tippee Fun x2
  • Tommee tippee Fun x2
  • Tommee tippee Fun x2
  • Tommee tippee Fun x2
  • Tommee tippee Fun x2
  • Tommee tippee Fun x2

Tommee Tippee Fun x2

상품 정보 Tommee tippee Fun x2

Mums know there’s nothing more wonderful than a calm, content baby so tommee tippee has developed a new range of soothers that are approved by babies. The symmetrical orthodontic teat has been specially designed to help optimise baby acceptance and in independent tests more babies accepted these new soothers first time. So when you need to turn screams and sobs into smiles and sleep, simply pick up the soother.


- Symmetrical Orthodontic Shape
- Baby Approved
- Reversible soother teat
- BPA-free for ultimate reassurance

Baby Approved Teat:
- Babies can become attached to their favourite style of soother teat. That’s why all of the new soothers have the same baby approved* teat, so you can easily switch between different shield styles within the range without causing baby any confusion.

Supports Natural Oral development:
- The Symmetrical Orthodontic Shaped teat has been designed to improve balance making it easier for babies to hold the soother in their mouth and supports natural oral development

Close to a Bottle Teat:
- The teat shape on the soother is more like a bottle teat for a more familiar feeling for a baby

Fun Style:
- Holes in the shield encourage improved air flow between the shield and baby’s delicate skin to help minimise the risk of irritation. Bright and playful designs are based on a jungle theme ranging from cute giraffes and pandas for smaller babies to bright tigers and zebras for the older babies

Baby Safe:
- All the Tommee Tippee soothers are BPA-free for total reassurance.

Range options:
- The soothers range is available in a three age stages. 0-6 months which has a smaller teat and shield shape for little mouths and faces, 6-18 and 18-36m are the same shield shape but with bigger baglets suitable for growing mouths.

What’s in the box:

- 2 x Fun Style Soother 6-18m
- Instruction leaflet

Tommee tippee의 제품, 그 중에서도 Tommee tippee Fun x2 제품을 찾고 계신가요? 여러분은 kidinn에서 원하시는 모든 보육 관련 제품과 키즈 관련 액세서리를 찾으실 수 있습니다. 우리 온라인 스토어 kidinn를 통해 원하는 제품을 주문하세요. 75가지의 결제 방법 중 원하는 방식을 선택하시면 됩니다. 카탈로그를 보시고 키즈에 대한 특별 프로모션에도 참여해 보세요. 만약 구입한 상품에 불만이 있으시다면 환불해 드리겠습니다.

특징 Tommee tippee Fun x2

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